Office of Civil Rights School Survey Data


The OCR data contain school, district, and in a few years, classroom level data on student enrollment by race as well as a number of other Civil-Rights related variables. In the early years, the count of teachers by race is also included.


The data were converted from binary EBCDIC to ASCII format.


There are two sets of documentation: the original documentation that accompanied the original data and documentation describing the ASCII conversion (StartHere.pdf). Please read StartHere.pdf (in documentation/new) first to get an overview of the data and documentation.






Decoded ASCII Files: All Years


Original Binary EBCDIC Files (You probably donít need these)


Conversion Files (programs used to convert to ASCII: You probably donít need these)


Please contact Sarah Reber ( if you find any errors in these files.


Converting these files was a lot of work, and I am happy to share the results. I only ask that as my reward for sharing, you send me a quick e-mail and let me know how you are using the data. A couple sentences about your project is most appreciated:


 Happy researching!